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At the end of Session 2, I posted a bunch of resources for topics that interested people. It’s only fair that I post these for you all as well. Singularity “Where Am I” by Daniel Dennett “Three Arguments Against the Singularity” by Charlie Stross “The Coming Technological Singularity: How to Survive in the Post-Human Era.” [...]

Submissions: Anish

minimax algorithm Untitled Tictactoe SimpleGraphics Presentation1   So i was going to submit pathfinder, but that was before i lost the flashdrive containing it…hehe. Attached to this post are various pieces of code and notes related to my final project, and one besides(a tic tac toe game that a never got the ai to work). [...]

A little code…

Hi, just some code I wrote. Mazer

Final Project : Sam Crow : Autonomous Vehicle Simulation

My final project involves a two-dimensional autonomous vehicle simulation. It exists at Important readme information: The current version will display a message when it first opens. Simply click anywhere in the window to dismiss the message and start the simulation.


Some of the resources I mentioned in class: Visualizing how Haar features work in detecting a face: See previous posts for “Who Am I” by Daniel Dennett and “Three Arguments Against the Singularity” by Charlie Stross. For the pages on Singularity: The original paper: “The Coming Technological Singularity: How to Survive in the Post-Human Era.” [...]

Functional Programming

Hey all! If you’d like to try out functional programming in a fun, online environment, this web site has an online Clojure interpreter and also an awesome live tutorial you can follow along. Clojure is a modern functional programming language based on Lisp, but also with some object-oriented components, and runs on the Java Virtual [...]

Autonomous Helicopter

The page of videos that I showed in class are here. The page also has the publications that go into more detail about how the helicopters were trained. Go watch and read these in your free time!

Lab 12: :)

Part I: Project Work on your project! Part II: Project Work on your project some more! By now, you should be able to thoroughly explain to me what your topic is about and how it works if I were to sit down and talk with you for half an hour. Part III: Project Work on it some [...]

It’s a Project Scope

Developed at Stanford University by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, PageRank is a link analysis algorithm that started in 1998, back when search engines still had trouble returning relevant results to end users. Influenced in its early days by citation analysis and the Hyperlink-Induced Topic Search (HITS) algorithm, Google’s PageRank judges the importance of a [...]

Final Project Times!

Morning 9:00 – Josh/Malachi – Bayesian Networks 9:30 - Alex/Anish – AI in Chess 10:00 – Kwisoo/Fenchao/Hari – Web data mining 10:45 – Sam – Robot Perception 11:00 – Hunter/Kendrick – SLAM Robotic localization Afternoon 12:30 - Tommy – Question Answering 12:45 – Martin/Mike – Genetic Algorithms 1:15 – Pratul – NLP, parsing 1:30 – DJ – [...]