Code Submission Instructions

Take these simple steps!

(1) Find your folder with your .java files. This is your workspace folder if you check the “Copy projects into workspace” checkbox when importing. Otherwise, it is just in the original folder from where you imported the code.

(2) Zip this folder. You can do this by Ctrl-clicking, and selecting “Compress [your folder name].” A .zip file will appear.

?(3) Create a new post on the blog. Title it “Lab [NUMBER] — [YOUR NAME(S)].” Write something if you’d like about your submission–interesting extensions you did, interesting design choices, or parts that you found challenging or interesting. Choose the categories Student, and Code Submissions.

(4) Click the “Add Media” button.


(5) Click “Select Files”, and select your zip file you just created.

(6) Once it is uploaded, click “Show” if a bunch of options don’t show up automatically.

(7) At the bottom, click “Insert into Post.”

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