Pathfinder – Sam Crow

Here is my instance of Pathfinder. It allows the user to add waypoints, add destinations, create links between nodes, and find routes between waypoints. Sets of nodes and links can be saved to the file of your choice and opened from any file that conforms to the file format.

When the application first opens, it will be in route mode.

To add a waypoint, click on the “Add Waypoint” button to enter waypoint mode. Click anywhere on the map to add a waypoint.

To add a destination, click on the “Add Destination” button to enter destination mode. Click anywhere on the map to add a destination. After you click, a window will pop up asking you what name you would like the destination to have. Enter the name and press return or the OK button.

When in waypoint or destination mode, a link can be added between any two nodes by dragging the mouse between them. Holding down the shift key while dragging will allow you to specify the speed in pixels per second taken to traverse the link. The default speed is 0.8 pixels per second. These units were chosen for lack of a precise scale for the map image.

To calculate a route between two destinations, click on the “Route Mode” button to enter route mode. Then drag the mouse between the desired start and end destinations. The nodes along the optimal route will be marked by slightly larger circles surrounding them. The route will disappear when the mode, display options, or map is changed.

The display options on the right allow the selection of various things to display.

Pathfinder – Sam Crow

This modified SimpleGraphics package is  also required:


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