Pathfinder WITH A* SEARCH – Vincent

Pathfinder – Vincent

Make sure you click / drag accurately when selecting / connecting nodes. Clicking on an unmarked spot on the map resets all connections, selections, and path-findings. This supports ONLY the Stanford map; make sure you download the files in the right place (i.e. the code must be able to access the map file and nodes.txt.

Currently, there are no convenient ways to delete edges / nodes; the only way to do this is:
1) Exiting w/o saving (press twice)
2) If you accidentally saved, you’ll have to manually delete it in the text file D:

The search bar above the map is for searching for (and highlighting) a node given the name. It is cAsE sEnSiTiVe!

Other note: each node must be given a unique name when added (obviously to support searching). You can toggle whether to display the names of nodes or not by selecting / deselecting the check box.

Another note: almost nothing is commented

Final note: I completely coded this from scratch (i.e. I did not use his graphics package).

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