Vincent and Andy: Swarm Intelligence

Andy and I plan to do our final presentation on Swarm Intelligence. We will discuss the history, applications, and relevant algorithms, as well as its significance in relation to artificial intelligence in general. In our presentation, we plan to introduce several examples where Swarm Intelligence could be employed, such as ant colonization, team sports strategies (soccer, dodgeball, etc.), particle swarm, and gravitational search. We may also display videos from Discovery Channel, National Geographic, and other such networks. However, due to time constraints, we will only be able to implement one demonstration. As of now, we intend to code a graphics program simulating the movement of a swarm of ants moving across the screen. Every space will be marked by a “danger level” from 1 to 10, and each ant will be randomly assigned a “tolerance level.” If an ant steps on too many “dangerous spaces,” it will be killed instantly. As time progresses, the ants will get stronger and stronger. The goal of the ants will be to find the safest path from one corner of the screen to another, knowing only what other ants have “seen” and the surrounding spaces. To store this information, we will create static fields in the Ant class.


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  1. Lekan

    Awesome! Next Tuesday, we will actually go to an ant lab.

    When doing this, make sure to talk about different algorithms depending on how much communication is allowed between the agents in the swarm.

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