Stanford and its contribution to artificial intelligence

Stanford and its contribution to Artificial Intelligence


Long Long ago, in a galaxy far away…actually, just about 60 years ago, the creation of Artificial Intelligence sparked a revolution that would spark controversy and chaos. Yet, it caused wonder and speculation, hope and inspiration, but most importantly, there was one thing that differentiated it from all other subjects; it was one true insight that would truly determine the future.


And Stanford, one of the most prominent colleges for AI today, wanted to get its foot in the door. In 1967, Dendral, which consisted of Stanford students, was able to create the first computer able to use scientific reasoning. In 1969, Roger Schank was able to develop a model for natural language processing. This led to a development of memory understanding, and so on. However, the most prominent achievement of that time was was that the first IJCAI conference held in Stanford.

There were many more achievements given to Stanford for it’s dominance in the field of AI along with Carnegie Mellon, and MIT. Stanford continues to work on AI, with many more innovations such as the Stanford Cart, and the AAAI.

For more info, I had to visit but I didn’t want to turn on sound, but I will definitely play the video on my own personal time.


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  1. Lekan

    The founding of SAIL was huge, and attracted a lot of talent. Currently, the CS department has a few professors that are considered the foremost experts in their subfields in AI.

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