Submissions: Anish

minimax algorithm Untitled Tictactoe SimpleGraphics Presentation1   So i was going to submit pathfinder, but that was before i lost the flashdrive containing it…hehe. Attached to this post are various pieces of code and notes related to my final project, and one besides(a tic tac toe game that a never got the ai to work). [...]

Bubblesort   Uses bubble sort to sort an array

Anish & Alex final project topic

Topic: Use of artificial intelligence and machine learning in chess, specifically midgame strategies and algorithms.

Lab 1 – Anish Doshi


Markov Random Fields

By Anish Doshi Vignette Andrey Markov was a Russian mathematician who lived from 1856 to 1922 and made significant contribution to statistics and probability theory. He is most famous for his namesake chains and processes, but also, of course, for random fields. Markov random fields are defined as a graphical model where a certain set of [...]