DJ – Project Scoping

Mastermind Solving Algorithms History It first came out in 1972 (although there was a similar game before that called Bulls and Cows) and was solved by Donald Knuth in 1977. My method is greatly based on his algorithm. Related Topics My topic shows that games can be solved by programs. Other programs, like ones which [...]

Problem with my FaceThingy

I have a problem where the zeroth index of my image array is failing to display (except for the first time). If you run the program, you can go forward normally and do all of the flips regularly, but then when you go backwards, there is a glitch. After displaying the second index, and then [...]

My codes so far – DJ

here is my  Bubble sort program and what I’ve gotten of my Pathfinder (It’s still far from working)

DJ Final idea

I have an idea for my final that I would create an AI that would solve Mastermind <> in the least number of tries to find the solution. I could also make my Mastermind game extend to many different numbers of colors for the AI to try.  Another, much simpler, AI/random solution generator to create [...]

Lab 5 – Parts 1 and 3

DJ, Max, and Malachai   Part of what we did in Lab 5