Ganapathy Better pathfinder

Lab2 This is a better version

Hari’s Path finder so far

Lab2   This is my pathfinder so far but it is not complete. I lack the programming experiance.

Page ranks by Kwisoo, Fengchao, Hari

Our final project will be on page rank.  We will be covering topics such as the simplified algorithm for producing page ranks, damping factors, page rank computation methods, and spam detection algorithms. PageRank is a link analysis algorithm. It has many day to day uses for example, it is utilized in the google toolbar to rank the popularity [...]

Ganapathy, Fengchao and Kwisoo “Game play” for final project

We are planning to do the general gameplay for our final project.  

Lab 1 Ganapathy

Hari This is my code submission for lab 1 Hari

Expert systems

Expert Systems Expert systems are excellent systems that do the jobs of experts in certain fields or sectors. There are many examples for and expert system; One is a medical diagnosis system. A typical definition for an expert system is “is software that uses a knowledge base of human expertise for problem solving, or to clarify [...]