temporary pathfinder -Kwisoo Park Joshua Tam

Pathfinder-Starter I believe this is the code for the pathfinder that Kwisoo and I made. I will have the search algorithm done in a day or two, and we still have to be able to redraw the nodes using coordinates in the text file. We had color, but I somehow messed up the code. Sorry

Final Project Topic: AI in the education field Joshua Tam and Malachi

as if my project couldn’t get any worse, I have read through one-two thesis’s and have come to the conclusion that when it comes to education, AI is used for expanding curriculum, then going back in, and trying to teach as if they were humans. So, I would like to add a spin to this [...]

Lab 1 Joshua Tam

labone I couldn’t get the shape to draw while the mouse was lining up. Also, this program only works by clicking the points first, then the button/

Stanford and its contribution to artificial intelligence

Stanford and its contribution to Artificial Intelligence   Long Long ago, in a galaxy far away…actually, just about 60 years ago, the creation of Artificial Intelligence sparked a revolution that would spark controversy and chaos. Yet, it caused wonder and speculation, hope and inspiration, but most importantly, there was one thing that differentiated it from [...]