Kacie – Project Scoping

NEURAL NETWORKS History &  Significance Biological neural networks has been a topic of interest since the 1800s, when scientists worked to find out how neurons work and what they do. Eventually, computer scientists discovered that machine learning could work with artificial neural networks, as suggested by Alan Turing in his 1948 paper Intelligent Machinery. Basically, [...]

Pathfinder – Kacie

So, I had this code working very well at the beginning of the day. The buttons worked and did everything I wanted. Then, I messed with the code and somehow messed up the whole thing! Now nothing works well… I was going to fix it tomorrow, but then I was told I had to turn [...]

Final Project – Kacie – Neural Networks

For my final project, I will be researching artificial neural networks. Their computational power; their real-life applications; how they are significant in robotics and science in general.

Lab 1 – Kacie

Sorry this is so late… couldn’t find my code for a while! EPGYDraw.java


Kacie  & Melissa Watson is an Artificial Intelligence that was made to compete on the television show Jeopardy! It has a large memory with much information stored in it. It was programmed in Java and C++. It analyzes language, searches through its memory to find what it thinks is the right answer, and chooses the [...]