SLAM Project Scoping

SLAM is a new topic, founded only in the 1980s that is definitely relevant today. It can be used by robots to make maps of unfamiliar areas, especially areas that humans cant safely access. Such as the deep sea, a damaged building, and hypothetically even deep space or other planets. This allows robots to navigate around an [...]


its pretty close, but only works half the time   Pathfinder_Attempt

Hunter and Kendrick Final

Topic: We will research AI localization, specifically autonomous cars interacting with and interpreting their environment and enemy computers in video games

Lab 1-Kendrick

this is my masterful attempt at prettyness

Autonomous Driving

Kendrick James   Autonomous driving is the process by which a car can drive itself without the use of human aid. The first models were unveiled in Japan in 1977. Since then, cars have become much more sophisticated. However, they are required to do some basic tasks: plan a route, understand and then analyze the [...]