This is the pathfinder which I coded. It draws waypoints and by clicking the destination button it can convert the waypoint into a destination. The problem is that once the point is changed into a destination it will not be redrawn.  This is because the data is stored in a new arraylist and the function [...]

Lab 1 – Kwisoo Park

This is my EPGY Draw program.  It took me a while to understand the syntax of Java and the mouse event listeners so its incomplete.  I also encountered some problems with the getActionCommand() function.  Either way I managed to get the program to draw rectangles although the shapes are cleared every time a new one [...]

Genetic Alogrithm

Genetic algorithm (GA) is an algorithm which imitates the process of evolution in order to produce a solution to optimization and search problems.  The first attempt to create a genetic algorithm was in 1954 by Nils Aall Barricelli.  However his work did not gain large notice.  In 1957, Alex Fraser, an Australian geneticist published a [...]