Melissa – Project Scoping

LAGR History: LAGR is a DARPA funded project that had the aims of creating new algorithms that increased the effectiveness of autonomous navigation. Previous robots (generally using a LADAR system) were restricted by near-sightedness. Many could only “see” a few meters ahead, similar to the range of sight of a human when driving through fog [...]

Path-Finder: Melissa

Pathfinder: Pathfinder-Starter

Melissa Final Project – LAGR robots

This project will focus on the specific instance of machine learning demonstrated by LAGR to define and navigate surroundings. It will especially examine the methods used to “see” obstacles and avoid them in a given environment. I will attempt to code an algorithm that adapts its path given obstacles randomly placed in two dimensions. LAGR [...]

Lab 1 – Melissa

Java syntax and Eclipse was difficult to try to learn!!! I didn’t have time to do anything cool….Well, here it is: EPGYDraw