Final Project : Sam Crow : Autonomous Vehicle Simulation

My final project involves a two-dimensional autonomous vehicle simulation. It exists at Important readme information: The current version will display a message when it first opens. Simply click anywhere in the window to dismiss the message and start the simulation.

Pathfinder – Sam Crow

Here is my instance of Pathfinder. It allows the user to add waypoints, add destinations, create links between nodes, and find routes between waypoints. Sets of nodes and links can be saved to the file of your choice and opened from any file that conforms to the file format. When the application first opens, it [...]

Project Proposal: Sam Crow

I plan to implement a 2-dimensional simulated environment involving one or possibly multiple simulated autonomous vehicles. The vehicles will use only the information that they can detect using their simulated sensors. I might try to include facilities for editing vehicles for use in the simulation. I hope to focus more on design and implementation than [...]

Lab 1 – Sam Crow

This is an implementation of lab 1. It is somewhat complete. The status bar at the bottom of the window provides various statistics. While a feature is being created, everything in the window except the feature that is currently being created is stored in memory and redrawn each time the mouse moves. Drawing lines by [...]