Pathfinder WITH A* SEARCH – Vincent

Pathfinder – Vincent Make sure you click / drag accurately when selecting / connecting nodes. Clicking on an unmarked spot on the map resets all connections, selections, and path-findings. This supports ONLY the Stanford map; make sure you download the files in the right place (i.e. the code must be able to access the map [...]

Lab 6 – Vincent and Paul

String-alignment algorithm that is COMPLETE, OPTIMAL, and OPTIMALLY EFFICIENT Also include BubbleSort. Lab 6 – Vincent and Paul

Vincent and Andy: Swarm Intelligence

Andy and I plan to do our final presentation on Swarm Intelligence. We will discuss the history, applications, and relevant algorithms, as well as its significance in relation to artificial intelligence in general. In our presentation, we plan to introduce several examples where Swarm Intelligence could be employed, such as ant colonization, team sports strategies [...]

Lab 4 – Vincent, Max, DJ

Problems 1, 2, 3, and 5 all in the same file. Edit the main method to choose which to run. Lab 4 – Vincent Wang

Lab 1 – Vincent Wang

COOLDRAWER!!! Press a button before trying to draw. Download here -> CoolDrawer

Computer Vision

By: Andy Kakkaramadam, Vincent Wang, and Max Abrams Computer vision is a branch of computer science that focuses on a machine’s ability to gain awareness of its surroundings. Using video cameras or other similar devices, artificially intelligent systems can understand what is around them.  This means that a device with this capability can determine and [...]