Hunter McNichols – Pathfinder 2.0

So my last pathfinder was pretty horrible.  I worked on it during the week and made a lot of changes and updates.  It can be a bit buggy and there is a lot of extraneous code but it can now save, load, find a path, and highlight the found path. I tried to implement a [...]

Pathfinder (without the path finding)

I was able to get most of it to work and I understand the algorithms of the searches but I can’t transfer the concepts into code.  I also had trouble implementing the save and load feature. but…here it is (I used multiple classes in my code) Pathfinder-Starter

Lab 1 – Hunter McNichols

Biological Neural Networks v. Artificial Neural Networks

Programmers (AI specialists in particular) have for many years tried to understand the human brain so they can attempt to model computer systems after it.  In their interdisciplinary research they have isolated the concepts behind neurons as a type of brain process that can be replicated by computers. The concept behind a biological neuron is [...]