Lecture summaries and notes

Lecture 7: Machine Learning

And so we dive into machine learning. The code example we showed today to get and display the images in a grid is here: List<BufferedImage> images = this.getImagesFromDirectory(“small/pos_skew/”); for (int imageIndex = 0; imageIndex < images.size(); imageIndex++) { BufferedImage image = images.get(imageIndex); this.getFrame().drawImage(((imageIndex/3) % 3 )* 200, (imageIndex%3) * 200, image); } And the Gettysburg Address [...]

Lecture 6: Big-O, Dynamic Programming, and Bellman-Ford

Here is the lecture code for today. Not much! Lecture06 The sonnet is here: http://www.nosweatshakespeare.com/sonnets/147.htm

Lecture 5: Search

Today was another fast day, but you’ll have the weekend to digest it! One thing I forgot to mention was this: when coming up with your own heuristic, it turns out that the optimal solution to a relaxed problem (a problem with some constraints removed) is an admissible heuristic for A*. The intuition is that [...]

Lecture 4:Logical Resolution and Recursion

Today was another big day! The code is here: Lecture04 Lecture summary notes are here: L03 – Logical Resolution and Recursion / (6up) The tongue twisters, if you’re interested: Betty Botter bought some butter But she said, “The butter’s bitter If I bake the bitter butter It will make my batter bitter.” So she bought a bit of [...]

Lecture 3: Math and Logic

We went over many foundational math and logic concepts today. In addition, we also saw examples of how to create a Graph in Java with Node and Edge subclasses. Take a look at the lecture code. Thanks for doing your reading! We went over the topics much faster than anticipated because of it! The code [...]

Lecture 2: Data Structures

Today, we covered object hierarchies and data structures. We also reviewed a few tricky concepts in Java that we saw people a bit confused about, and gave gave some debugging tips. At the end of the lecture, we went through more detailed requirements for the final project. Most of today’s lecture was done on the [...]

Lecture 1: Introduction

First lecture! We did some intros, then went over the structure of the course. Important things to note are: Daily Feedback: http://goo.gl/uqDzF Start thinking right away about possible project topics; meet with your RC to discuss. I’ll be around so feel free to bug me/ask me anything. Also, my email is lekan@lekanwang.com. Other things we [...]