Final Project : Sam Crow : Autonomous Vehicle Simulation

My final project involves a two-dimensional autonomous vehicle simulation. It exists at Important readme information: The current version will display a message when it first opens. Simply click anywhere in the window to dismiss the message and start the simulation.

Melissa – Project Scoping

LAGR History: LAGR is a DARPA funded project that had the aims of creating new algorithms that increased the effectiveness of autonomous navigation. Previous robots (generally using a LADAR system) were restricted by near-sightedness. Many could only “see” a few meters ahead, similar to the range of sight of a human when driving through fog [...]

Hunter McNichols – Pathfinder 2.0

So my last pathfinder was pretty horrible.  I worked on it during the week and made a lot of changes and updates.  It can be a bit buggy and there is a lot of extraneous code but it can now save, load, find a path, and highlight the found path. I tried to implement a [...]

SLAM Project Scoping

SLAM is a new topic, founded only in the 1980s that is definitely relevant today. It can be used by robots to make maps of unfamiliar areas, especially areas that humans cant safely access. Such as the deep sea, a damaged building, and hypothetically even deep space or other planets. This allows robots to navigate around an [...]

Ganapathy Better pathfinder

Lab2 This is a better version

Kacie – Project Scoping

NEURAL NETWORKS History &  Significance Biological neural networks has been a topic of interest since the 1800s, when scientists worked to find out how neurons work and what they do. Eventually, computer scientists discovered that machine learning could work with artificial neural networks, as suggested by Alan Turing in his 1948 paper Intelligent Machinery. Basically, [...]

Pathfinder (without the path finding)

I was able to get most of it to work and I understand the algorithms of the searches but I can’t transfer the concepts into code.  I also had trouble implementing the save and load feature. but…here it is (I used multiple classes in my code) Pathfinder-Starter

Pathfinder WITH A* SEARCH – Vincent

Pathfinder – Vincent Make sure you click / drag accurately when selecting / connecting nodes. Clicking on an unmarked spot on the map resets all connections, selections, and path-findings. This supports ONLY the Stanford map; make sure you download the files in the right place (i.e. the code must be able to access the map [...]


its pretty close, but only works half the time   Pathfinder_Attempt

Pathfinder – Kacie

So, I had this code working very well at the beginning of the day. The buttons worked and did everything I wanted. Then, I messed with the code and somehow messed up the whole thing! Now nothing works well… I was going to fix it tomorrow, but then I was told I had to turn [...]