Submissions: Anish

minimax algorithm Untitled Tictactoe SimpleGraphics Presentation1   So i was going to submit pathfinder, but that was before i lost the flashdrive containing it…hehe. Attached to this post are various pieces of code and notes related to my final project, and one besides(a tic tac toe game that a never got the ai to work). [...]

A little code…

Hi, just some code I wrote. Mazer

It’s a Project Scope

Developed at Stanford University by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, PageRank is a link analysis algorithm that started in 1998, back when search engines still had trouble returning relevant results to end users. Influenced in its early days by citation analysis and the Hyperlink-Induced Topic Search (HITS) algorithm, Google’s PageRank judges the importance of a [...]

DJ – Project Scoping

Mastermind Solving Algorithms History It first came out in 1972 (although there was a similar game before that called Bulls and Cows) and was solved by Donald Knuth in 1977. My method is greatly based on his algorithm. Related Topics My topic shows that games can be solved by programs. Other programs, like ones which [...]

Problem with my FaceThingy

I have a problem where the zeroth index of my image array is failing to display (except for the first time). If you run the program, you can go forward normally and do all of the flips regularly, but then when you go backwards, there is a glitch. After displaying the second index, and then [...]

Mike Precup and Martin Wickham project scoping

The first known computer simulation of evolution was done by Nils Aall Barricelli in 1954, but it wasn’t until Alex Frasier, a geneticist, suggested it in 1957 that the genetic algorithm (GA) was widely noticed.  The GA became more popular throughout the 1960s and in 1975 John Holland published “Adaptation in Natural and Artificial Systems,” [...]

Martin Wickham lab 7 log

Here’s the submission:  Lab 7 Log

temporary pathfinder -Kwisoo Park Joshua Tam

Pathfinder-Starter I believe this is the code for the pathfinder that Kwisoo and I made. I will have the search algorithm done in a day or two, and we still have to be able to redraw the nodes using coordinates in the text file. We had color, but I somehow messed up the code. Sorry


This is the pathfinder which I coded. It draws waypoints and by clicking the destination button it can convert the waypoint into a destination. The problem is that once the point is changed into a destination it will not be redrawn.  This is because the data is stored in a new arraylist and the function [...]