Aug 152005

Origin/Composer: Alexander Brandon; from the game, Deus Ex Year: 2000 This song is from the computer game Deux Ex, which was revolutionary in the graphics and the immersive environment when it first came out. I can honestly say that there hasn’t been a single game as immersive and detailed as the original Deus Ex. The soundtrack actually isn’t as good, because real instruments are used, which destroys the symbolism of the different sounds of the instruments. Also, professional musicians aren’t as good at synchronization of notes as a computer, unfortunately. A large part of what makes it great is the music. From the first main menu, the music draws you in. The music starts in a dark mood, emulating the [more . . .]

Aug 082005

Year: 2004 Jason Mraz didn’t learn guitar until he was 18! Kinda like me! Except that I started at 17. His debut album, Waiting For My Rocket to Come hit double platinum, and his current album, Mr. A-Z (haha, very nice wordplay (Note: “Wordplay” is also his first single from the album)), is also doing quite well. I tried to get tickets to his concert last year at the U, but the tickets sold out way too fast. His songs are amazing in the way that they have lyrics comparable to great folk songs and a beat and pronunciation comparable to great rappers. And while his lyrics often fill many pages, they always make sense, or contain tons of puns and jokes [more . . .]

Aug 012005

Origin/Composer: Craig Wiseman, Steve McEwan Year: 2004 Length: 3:37 I felt this song was appropriate at this time, since I recently found a lot of my old friends from my pre-EP days that I had lost contact with since 5th grade. The power of Thefacebook is amazing. If you are a strong anti-country-music kind of person, you should still listen to this song. Tim McGraw is what originally convinced me that not all country music is bad. I now appreciate country music as just another genre that can be quite good. The song “My Old Friend” is from the album “Live Like You Were Dying,” released in 2005, reaching #1 in the Billboard Albums Chart, with over 3 million sold. [more . . .]

Jul 252005

Origin/Composer: Richard Rodgers / Oscar Hammerstein II / The Sound of Music Year: 1965 Length: 1:52 Often assumed to be the national anthem of Austria, “Edelweiss” was actually composed just for The Sound of Music. It was the last song composed by the prolific duo Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II. In fact, it was the last song composed by Oscar Hammerstein before his death soon after. It is sung twice in the Hollywood movie, the first time with the Captain and Liesl, and the second time with the whole von Trapp family at the Salzburg Festival, which finishes with a rousing chorus sung by the entire audience in defiance against the Nazi Anschluss. My mother went to the US on [more . . .]