Aug 152005

Origin/Composer: Alexander Brandon; from the game, Deus Ex
Year: 2000

This song is from the computer game Deux Ex, which was revolutionary in the graphics and the immersive environment when it first came out. I can honestly say that there hasn’t been a single game as immersive and detailed as the original Deus Ex. The soundtrack actually isn’t as good, because real instruments are used, which destroys the symbolism of the different sounds of the instruments. Also, professional musicians aren’t as good at synchronization of notes as a computer, unfortunately.

A large part of what makes it great is the music. From the first main menu, the music draws you in. The music starts in a dark mood, emulating the natural sound of an orchestra. Then suddenly, the song has a mode change into a major key, possibly signifying the appearance of JC Denton, the protagonist in the game. Then, two measures later, the mode changes back to minor, and the development section begins with more electronic sounds and a more sinister sound. Halfway through this malicious-sounding melody, a countermelody of a variation of the main theme pops up, perhaps signifying the struggle. Near the end, nearly all sound disappears, and ends with the malicious electronic sound. This is the best electronic music I have ever heard.

And if you haven’t noticed already, I love Deus Ex.

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