Aug 262005

Origin/Composer: Joey Tempest (of Europe)
Year: 1985

I think I first heard it sophomore year of EPHS at someone’s house, because I remember humming it during my first debate meet (where I went 0-4). I heard it a few times after that, and every single time, I tried to find the name of the song, since I really liked it. I actually never found the name until I saw “How to Kill A Mockingbird,” quite coincidentally made be a Stanford student. The song was in there again, but fortunately, there was a soundtrack-like think on the page too, where I finally discovered the real name of the song. This was in February, near the beginning of AP English, as I remember Wally saying “How bizarre!” after I showed it to her. But now that I do know the name, it’s time to share it with everyone who hasn’t heard it yet, or even better, to those who have heard it, but just don’t know its nam

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