Jun 052006

Origin/Composer: Aaron Copland
Year: 2006

Amy Weaver from Eden Prairie High School first gave this to me a few years ago for me to accompany, but then a week later or two, she dropped it because it was too hard. Being the stubborn person I am, I asked Munika Lay from Stanford to do this and she, being another stubborn person, agreed. We started fall quarter, and finally got it down pretty well by spring quarter. I included it in the Junipero Soundtrack.

My blurb from the Soundtrack: It’s the first piece I’ve done that has had breath marks for me, the pianist. It’s been a great time practicing with Munika and trying to get the two parts to fit impossibly together. I really like Copland, but sometimes the way he composes difficult passages just for making them difficult is kinda obnoxious.

Munika’s blurb from the Soundtrack: This Duo was a blast because Copland is an inconsiderate bastard of a composer. This meant that he put in all sorts of really hard intervals and that combining the parts was impossible. Which is why Lekan & Munika sound so awesome. Just remember, all’s well that ends well.

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