Dec 182006

Year: 2005

The first time I heard of Mae, it was when Alex and Munika mentioned that they wanted to go to a Mae concert. Alex said he was surprised that Munika liked Mae, so I thought Mae was some classic rock group that had a punk-ish sound, since Alex was into classic rock, and Munika into punk and indie stuff. So going off my assumptions, I didn’t really ask who Mae was. (Random thought…I’m not sure if they actually went to that concert or not.) It wasn’t until this school year that I’m rooming with Alex that one day I hear a few songs in a row that I really like, and I’m wondering who the artist is, that I lean over and look at the artist on iTunes, and it was Mae’s album Destination: Beautiful. I was shocked at first, because it was so different from what I assumed them to be, but the shock was quickly overtaken by delight as I downloaded Destination: Beautiful. A few days later, I discovered they had a newer album, The Everglow and downloaded that too. Both albums are incredible. I would urge everyone to listen to them. The first is more Death Cab like commiseration and guitar-oriented. The second album is very heavy on piano (always brilliant), and much more uplifting and happy. Don’t study with them, though, I guarantee you’ll get too distracted.

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