Jan 152007

Year: 2006

Ski trip! Check out the guitar intro in this song. It’s pretty slickety amazing. This is one of my favorite tracks off of Stadium Arcadium, the Jupiter disc, or maybe even both discs in the album. I started practicing the intro guitar part soon after I heard it for the first time, but put that on hiatus as my quarter increased in difficulty and workload. About halfway into the quarter, my next-door neighbor rushed into my room proclaiming how wonderful he thought this solo was and proceeded to play the song on repeat a few dozen times and practicing it for the next few days. He’s a great guitar player, but usually, hearing the same song a few hundred times in the span of a few days turns me off the song for a while, even if I originally loved the song. Now that I’ve started to practice it again though, I’m starting to really like it again.

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