Apr 022007

Year: 2000

I found this song when I was first searching through my music library before spring break 2006 for songs that could be good pump-up songs for the ride to the Big Sur for backpacking. I found this song, “Road Trippin’,” and thought it probably fit and put it on my mix. When listening to the song in the car, I discovered that the lyrics actually contained the Hwy 1 and also the Big Sur, the highway we were driving on, and the region in which we were going to be driving. I was so excited that I put it on repeat until I thought that some variety would be better.

This year on spring break, when we arrived in San Diego, on the last stretch, I put the song on. It was so perfect. We had three people on the car, and the song was about “me and my two favorite allies.” We were snacking on our snacks and supplies. A great finish to a long drive. The trip was great, but my favorite part was almost definitely the drive down to San Diego. Seeing California at its finest while listening to music describing the roads we were driving on is not something I will forget.

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