Jul 162008

I’m finally 21! Thanks to all those friends who made the day awesome– Jessica for calling right at midnight (and sending frequent updates on the 14th about how many minutes there were left to my birthday); Natasha, Catherine, Susan for appearing at my room at 12:04 with my first legal drinks and lots of friendly peer pressure; Ari, Patrick, Brandon, Ben, and others at Palantir; my CS106 sectionees that noticed it was my birthday during IGs today at the LaIR; my parents for the amusing gifts as well as money for a new fridge; the friends who wished me a happy birthday over Facebook or over the phone; the people coming to dinner tomorrow; and of course, Wilbur summer staff (Larissa, Jiahui, Marian, Victoria, Sawyer, Mattie, Isaac, and Tim) for the rich, chocolaty Prolific Oven cake decorated with 21 candles at staff bonding.

I’m past the last hurdle before turning 30…

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