Nov 262008

“Hi! Do you want to update your computer? No? Well, that’s no problem! I’ll just remind you in 5 minutes! [. . .]Now do you want to update? No? Well I’m a considerate fellow! I’ll just remind you in 5 minutes! [. . .]How about now? No? Oh, I think I finally understand you clearly now! I’ll just remind you in 5 minutes! [. . .]It’s been 5 minutes! What about now? Hello? Anyone there? Well, I’ve waited patiently for a minute, and you stood me up, but I’ll still be nice to you and put all your programs and windows away and restart your computer for you!”

Don’t let Windows Automatic Updater ever bother you again. Here are two solutions, both assuming the fact that you still want your computer to be updated. 
1. Modifying the Automatic Updates Service
When that restart message starts nagging you, go to your Control Panel–>Administrative Tools–>Services. Then, right click on the “Automatic Updates” row and click “Stop.” Now you are free to restart at your own discretion. Note that the Automatic Updates will turn on again when you restart your computer, allowing for future updates.

2. ShutdownGuard
This is my preferred method. ShutdownGuard is an open-source software that lives on your tray and will intercept Automatic Updater’s pop-ups, and display a bubble from your tray. You can customize the display options and various other settings to your liking. Thank Lifehacker for bringing this to my attention.
Now if only we can do the same with Adobe Updater, Apple Updater, etc…

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