Feb 222009

From their album Dear Science.

On my scratchpad in my Google Sidebar, I have a long, long list of artists, albums, and songs that I have been wanting to get my hands on. TV on the Radio was the artist at the front of the list about a month ago, and after buying Dear Science, I was so amazed that I ended up buying their entire discography. They feel like a slightly more indie Red Hot Chili Pepper, and every bit as versatile and unpredictable. In the span of one album, they shift from crackly acoustic emo to RHCP-esque rap/lead-guitar/drum trios to grand, sweeping, multi-layered melodic curiosities to Beck-like riff-driven addictions. I love them because they sound like they are first and foremost great musicians and artists, and like to play around with non-traditional instrumentations and arrangements, while still sounding cohesive in each song. The last part is key. Broken Social Scene is pretty incredible most of the time, but too frequently sacrifices the last for the pursuit of the indie sound. TV on the Radio never crosses that line.

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