Jul 142009

Life moves too quickly.

A few weeks ago, I graduated, and moved off campus to a five bedroom house with a few friends. Sarah also got two kittens.

Here’s Ada, the girl.

And here’s Babbage, the boy.

Here’s a virtual tour of the house:

(These pictures were taken two weeks ago, so there’s more furniture in the house now, and things the spaces are much more cleaned up!)

What you see when you first walk in the door:

Looking to the right, the living room. The biggest differences now between the picture and real life are (1) there’s a couch behind the bean bag, and (2) there’s a speaker system set up on the mantle and the little entertainment table.

The kitchen! It’s blue!

Our garage turned game room. This room has also been significantly cleaned up.

And along the side of the house is lots of space and a storage shed!

The backyard. Notice the palm tree on the right edge! There is also a plum tree and a nectarine tree in the backyard!

My room:

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