Jun 122011

I went to the Dispatch last night at the Greek Theater in Berkeley. It was one of my favorite bands who I’ve waited ten years to see (with no promise that they’d ever do a reunion tour post break-up) playing in perhaps my favorite musical venue. Seeing them was like like being shown that a unicorn actually existed. They blew me away with their artistry, rotating instruments and improvising and feeding off of each other. It couldn’t be more obvious that they were loving what they were doing, just being there and making music and playing their instruments with each other.

The only downside of the night was when a crowdsurfer (and my, were there many of them) fell head-first into the ground about ten feet away. He got up dizzy, but was still visually tracking and responsive and oriented. I ended up just telling his friend to take him to a first aid tent and check his pulse every so often to make sure it didn’t go up, and watch for nausea or irritability. Hope he still had a good night after that incident.

Here’s them performing last night:
Dispatch at the Greek Theater in Berkeley, CA

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  1. I can’t believe I’ve been going for years without knwiong that.

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