Nov 242011

The autumn colors are sparse here in the bay area. Only the rare maple or oak puts on a show of its warmer pigments, and often for just a few days before it realizes that it is in sunny California, and quickly blushes yellowish-brown in embarrassment at its own fortune. When I was out in DC, I brought back the leaves from a few gorgeous maples, and shot them against a black background, much like the maple leaf I had shot over a year ago.

The full album is here, but below are some of my favorites from the shoot.

Cartenoids aplenty:

Some veins are better at supplying the chlorophyll nutrients than others:


Beautiful lobes:

A guest photo by Jessa of a Ginkgo:

Such distinct ridges:

One of the few clean yellow-brown leaves:

Sometimes, green is nice too:

Like the gnarls of an old tree:

Cartenoids and xanthopylls and anthocyanins are pretty awesome.

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