Jul 082011

Between my main blog and my teaching blogs, I’m on-track to hit my bandwidth cap again this month. So, I’ve finally taken flight into the world of cloud storage. I’m using the “Amazon S3 for WordPress” plugin to seamlessly connect my S3 account to my blogs. You, the reader, shouldn’t notice any differences, but this will save me around $25 a month. Good times!

Nov 162010

If you tried accessing this site yesterday or today, you probably noticed that it was defaced by hackers. The site is back now, with everything still intact. Thank goodness for backups and the power of grep, as well as my hosting service, A Small Orange, who was very helpful in getting this site back on track.

Sep 212010

For a long time, I’ve resisted moving my web site to a CMS or blogging platform because I wanted to maximize customizability of my site, and also to practice my web dev skills. However, as time went on, I was finding myself reinventing the wheel with increasing frequency, and creating actual content with decreasing frequency, and eventually, updating the site became a chore necessitating far more time than should be needed. Hence, I have switched over to WordPress, with a customized Suffusion theme.  My old Blogger blog and my old lekanwang.com site have been merged here. In the next few days, I will finish moving the content over to this site. Then, things should start to get exciting…

Apr 232008

I was going to build my own blogging tool using php and integrate with my web site, but it was just too much work. Content is more important than presentation, and both are more important than technical details. Well, here begins my foray into capturing what I find interesting.