Oct 142011

I’ve been trying to do some cool time lapses, and learning a lot as I go (as well as purchasing even more equipment). Eventually, I may reach the level of a photographic hero of mine, Dustin Farrell:

Landscapes: Volume Two from Dustin Farrell on Vimeo.


…or maybe not. One can hope.

I’m still learning the basics right now, but recently, I finally achieved a nice flicker-less video shot over a large change in lighting, and with a battery change in between. It’s a little less than interesting, but you can see the result below:

Making time lapses is one of those areas where certain equipment does matter a lot. For example, I just invested in a heavy-duty Manfrotto tripod with a heavy Benro ball head after finding that my old Proline tripod, though stable in most situations, just wouldn’t cut it when you wanted the frame to be identical over many hours through windy conditions. A 32GB or Eye-Fi card was also essential, especially if you wanted to shoot in RAW to do some work in post. And I’ve been meaning to learn some basic electronics to make a large battery pack that would allow a few parallel packs, and a selector, so you can change out a battery pack without ever stopping the power delivery, and also, without ever buying another overpriced Canon battery again.

A recent writeup of a time lapse project of the whole of Burning Man was interesting, and gave me lots of tips. The guide is here, and the final video is below:


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